B. Basso (ENS Paris), S. Komatsu (Perimeter Institute)   Correlation functions in N=4 SYM
F. Essler (Oxford U.)                                                             Integrability in condensed matter
N. Gromov (King's College London)                                   Solution to the N=4 spectrum problem
P. Fendley (Oxford U.)                                                         Integrable boundaries and defects
J. Jacobson (ENS Paris)                                                        Integrability in statistical systems and spin chains
C. Kristjansen (NBI Copenhagen)                                      Introduction to N=4 SYM and integrability
D. Kosower (IPhT Saclay)                                                    Introduction to amplitudes
S. Lukyanov (Rutgers U.), K. Zarembo (Nordita)             Integrability in 2D field theories and sigma models
A. Okounkov (Columbia U.)                                                Random partitions in gauge and string theory
V. Pestun (IHES Bures sur Yvette)                                      Localization in N=2 supersymmetric field theories
L. Rastelli (Stony Brook U.)                                                 Introduction to N=2 SUSY gauge theories
G. Semenoff (British Columbia U.)                                    The AdS/CFT correspondence
J. Teschner (DESY), V. Rychkov (ENS Paris)                      CFT in two and higher dimensions
P. Vieira (Perimeter Institute)                                             Integrability, amplitudes and Wilson loops